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winterbranch image for May 20th

friday follow up.. I went inside the old barn today..

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specialshoes says:
i'm glad the canibalistic inbreed types that probably live in that barn did not attack you. i'm also glad the barn did not collapse on you.
Dschonn says:
A couple of nails, a lick of paint, and this place will be good as new.
jenkins says:
that barn, she's seen better days.
funkfinger says:
looks like bad thing happen in that place
haleryan says:
insane. thanks for going inside. i'm glad you made it back out too.
damnweather says:
rest of the month in here PLEASE!
ilikeschool says:
wow. i like the blownout windows. it looks like the world is about to end and you could care less.
groin pull says:
does vivian know that you have been hanging out in her rec room again? she is going to be really pissed this time.
specialshoes says:
this is really a great picture. love the natural lighting.
mattyc says:
I really like htis picture.
Winter Branch says:
damnweather.. i promise to take some more pics in here.. i'm just not sure how many, cause it is a pain walking through the woods to get to this thing.. red neck theme day, for sure..

.. and then there are the ticks.
mrash says:
I did a farm pic as well. This is good. What is that material behind you against the wall?
winterbranch says:
well at one time that material use to be a couch and a couple of mattresses..
but I think some rodents have converted them into living quarters..
..more barn pictures to come..
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