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Joined on: May 01st, 2007 @ 12:17pm
Image Posted: 05/31/2007 @ 9:08pm
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It's So Hard

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Katie says:
Aww. E-kisses to you, too. Bye!
mattyc says:
dude why did you re-up?
Fargus says:
It's not "goodbye," just "see you later."
Fargus says:
It was a fitting end to a great month
mattyc says:
nevermind I'm an idiot.
wondermade says:
Matty - I actually thought to myself, did I really post this morning?
jenkins says:
fargus, wtf. i was going to say "it's see you soon" or something similar. anyhow, rock on wonder_made.
moustachio says:
actually... i went out tonight and shot a some nice shots and almost reupped myself.

I wanted to reup a whole nother months of shots in one night.

June is going to suck. I'll miss you.
wonder_made says:
June will be slow. Truth.
Noelix says:
It's only "see you next year"!
westerndave says:
keep on rockin' in the free world.
haleryan says:
adios WM. take care.
centofante says:
goodbye, wondermade. lets not speak again until next moustache may.
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