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Shady Characters

Often moustaches are associated with Shady Characters - fortunately in this case it's an appropriate twist on the turn of phrase.


Grow A Moustache

From the goodness that is Ryan Hale emerges this one-of-a-kind painting. Measures 2.75" x 2.75" in size, perfect for your stache. Courtesy of NSAG.


For Fun and Profit

BiGTiMe brings us a 24-page comic of a man and his moustache. Nominated for a "2008 Stumptown Trophy Award" so you know it's good!


The Bigger, The Better

This shirt speaks truth. The bigger the stache the better! Unless you have a Petite Handlebar or Pencil style in which you don't need any additional insight into life.


Moustache Man

Moustache enthusiast Ben has created this Metal Moustache Man from copper wires around his shop. It's yours, free, and all you have to do is claim it. Only one exists - so if you want it, act quickly!


SOLD to Alijoon

Stache Stationary

Everything needs a moustache. Everything. Including your stationary. Pick up a stack of these homemade stationary pads for all your note taking needs.



The Queen herself understands the power of the stache and showcases it for the world to see courtesy of Super Superficial.


Son of Moustachio

A plush moustache with a moustache all its own. You may also find yourself interested in the mini pocket stache. Both come recommended.


Batstachio Tee

Batman always needed a moustache. Honestly, every superhero does! Batstachio shirt courtesy of Mustache and Friends (check their catalog - mustache fever!).


Moustache Key Hook

Make your real moustache jealous with this solid pine moustache key rack. Your keys just hang out! What more should it do?


For Free:

Moustachio Mix

Courtesy of Team Zealot's Moustachio is this 24-track mix to get your moustache growing! Free!

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Moustache May Desktop

Moustache pattern by Travis Squidfingers and logo by Daniel Box! Free for all!

» 1600 x 1200
» 1280 x 1024
» 1024 x 768

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noun · a shop where a variety of goods are sold

Can I Sell Something?

Absolutely! Make anything you think others may want to buy and then send Michael several pictures of the product as well as your PayPal ID so people can transfer money to you.

Why can't I just 'Add To Cart'?

Think of it like a flea market - if you found 10 things from 10 different people that you wanted to buy, you'd still have to pay each on individually. The same concept applies here.

I paid for something, now where is it?!

Go back to your PayPal receipt and find the email address you sent money to. Contact that person again and find out why they haven't mailed out your goods. Each vendor is responsible for mailing you their product, so if you don't trust someone - don't pay them money.