Break too many of these and meet the Hall of Shame.

You Moustache May:

  1. Have / Grow a glorious moustache
  2. Post one image per day*
  3. Bolster support via Fund-A-Stache
  4. Participate in frequent shenanigans

You Moustache MayNot:

  1. Go more than one week without posting.
  2. Detract from your moustache with other overly prominent facial hair.**
  3. Be mean spirited, vulgar, or socially inappropriate.
  4. Photoshop your images***. Let’s keep it classy.

* must be in 4x3 horizontal ratio. If this makes no sense to you it's probably not a concern. Regardless, only upload horizontal images.

** There is always much debate over the controversial safety hair. Moustache May celebrates Moustaches of all kinds but the stache itself must be the prominent feature of facial hair - don't over-do it with insane sideburns, soul patches, chin hairs or beards. That's right, no beards in Moustache May! Crazy huh?

*** Color correction, brightness-contrast adjustments, and cropping are all acceptable. No Photoshop Filters or Photo Booth Effects! No added clipart or graphics to images. Make things in a traditional, crafty manner - no digital additions! Curator's decison on over doing it is final word - them's the breaks.

Seldomly Asked Questions:

Can I suggest a theme day?
Sure, email Mackle at: michael [at] yewknee [dot] com
Do I have to follow theme days?
No but it is certainly more fun for everyone if you do.
Will having a moustache make me more popular with the ladies?
How do I get to be “Moustache Mayor”?
Get the highest vote rating for a day (along with some other super secret math formulas based on your participation).
Can I be “Moustache Mayor” multiple times?
I dunno, can you?
Ugh, MAY I?
Yes, you may.
I’m a Girl. Can I participate?
Moustache May is proud to allow all genders to participate, but remember you must have a moustache, and photoshopping is not allowed. So, if you are a girl and can grow a moustache, by all means, that is something the world needs to see!
What if I wear some sort of weird prosthetic/handmade moustache 24/7, THEN could I participate?
Um, yes, I guess, but we'd need hard proof that you are wearing it round the clock. We don’t get to take our moustaches off when it’s convenient.