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Moustache May 2010. Coming Soon.

Moustache May 2009

posted: May 31st, 2009
Stache Bash

Another year passes and another swelling astonishment fills my heart regarding the ultimate success of Moustache May. Despite a few server woes this year we had unparalleled participation. The moustache is no longer a novelty but a steadfast and established legitimate style of facial hair. The past 31 days have proven that beyond a doubt.

Many thank to everyone involved with participating on the site - it would never work without you. Also, massive thanks to Boss Construct for creating such incredible posters for the Stache Bash and to Uncle Skeleton, And The Relatives, Ghostfinger and Steve Cross for making the wrap event insanely fun.

Check out the Photobooth from the event to see many familiar faces and many new moustache fans.

In summation, we did it. Moustache May 2009 is an unrivaled success.

Win Clubman Wax

posted: May 26th, 2009

The fine folks at Clubman Moustache Wax have agreed to send out a bottle of their finest wax to every Moustache Mayor winner from May 28th - May 31st. As if you needed added incentive to really pull out all the stops here in our last week of this fine moustache celebration.

Moustache Awareness

posted: May 19th, 2009
Moustache Bash

May 30th, 2009 - Mercy Lounge - Nashville, TN

Celebrate the closing of May with the 2009 Moustache May Stache Bash! Featuring Uncle Skeleton, And The Relatives and Ghostfinger. Tickets are cheap - get them here.

I Heart Moustache

Thanks to Fast Teddy and Walk In Love Clothing, whoever wins Moustache Mayor this Friday for "If You Were A Robot" theme day will receive this fantastic Moustache Tee!


The Unusual Times is running a contest to give away a moustache mug made especially for your moustache. What exactly that means is not for me to decide but I bet you'd get a pretty sweet drinking apparatus out of it if you won! Go sign up!

Theme Schedule: Part 2

posted: May 18th, 2009
Tuesday, May 19th - "Your Favorite Thing"
We've all got stuff. What's your favorite of your stuff? Let's see it.

Wednesday, May 20th - Frame It Up
Find a picture frame and use it to surround your image. Sounds simple but the possibilities are endless.

Thursday, May 21st - Caption Fodder
Take an image worthy of a caption and let the rogues gallery of participants supply the fodder.

Friday, May 22nd - If You Were A Robot
Every year there is one weird theme. This year, it's this one. Thanks to Burney for the inspiration.

Saturday, May 23rd - Day of Rest
Get some rest. You deserve it.

Sunday, May 24th
No Theme

Monday, May 25th - Worst Case Scenario
The title says it all. Envision your worst case scenario.

Tuesday, May 26th - Best Case Scenario
Again, the title says it all. Envision the best case scenario.

Wednesday, May 27th
No theme.

Thursday, May 28th - Photoshop Day
The photoshop rule is quite relaxed on this day. Go nuts with your digital manipulation. Ideally, you would create the best digital moustache the world has ever seen.

Friday, May 29th - Clamebute
Pick a photo previously posted here on Moustache May and pay tribute to it. Be sure to link the original image in your posting for proper comparison!

Saturday, May 30th - Stache Bash!
Time to party. If you can make it, head over to the Mercy Lounge in Nashville, TN and celebrate the goodness of Moustache May with three great bands and a bunch of fellow moustache appreciators. If you can't make it, have a party of your own!

Sunday, May 31st - Goodbye
This is it. Say your goodbyes until we meet again next year.

Server Woes No More?

posted: May 14th, 2009
Alright, the site has been transferred over to a brand new server and, appears, to be running at full speed again. Will this last? Will it cost me an arm and a leg? These things have yet to be seen. The moustache is a powerful force but it can not predict the future (yet).

If you are reading this and it's super early morning of the 15th - be patient. Tons of files are still being uploaded to the new server and you may see some funny business (i.e. broken images). It will work itself out.

More news tomorrow but I'm happy to say we're back in action.

Server Woes Part 2

posted: May 13th, 2009
Wednesday update. I feel everyone's frustration with how incredibly slow the site is running. Trust me when I say that I am in the same camp and feel way worse.

The word from the host is that the dedicated server space will begin getting underway tomorrow morning at 6am PT. Why work was not started on this prior to that time is beyond me and I apologize for their lack of speed in fixing this problem (it should also be noted that they throttled the site and brought about this horrible experience.)

Taco Day will rise again. I am so so sorry that the experience here is less than ideal and I promise I'm doing what I can to get things running better.

Server Woes

posted: May 12th, 2009
Here's the lowdown. Moustache May runs on a shared server. The site, apparently, has gotten so popular that the amount of processing power it takes to run the site exceeds what the host deems reasonable. This is an understandable problem but it unfortunately puts us in a tight spot.

Basically, the site has to be upgraded to a new server. Unfortunately this is not an instantaneous process. The request to upgrade has been filed but now we wait. I promise to get things back to normal as quickly as possible but there is a level of patience that must be involved.

Thank you for understanding.. we'll get back to your regularly scheduled moustaches soon enough.