Now in its seventh year...

There is no manifesto that could encompass the enlightenment and overall goodness one feels when moustached, so we won't even try. We're owning our moustaches for the month of May. Please join us if you’d like. It’s fun!

The Archives:

Whiskerino 2009 - 2010

The Final Chapter in Whiskerino history. After three official iterations and one warm up beard contest this rounded off the experience. It's safe to say that the word "epic" doesn't quite properly summarize the experience. If you weren't there, you wouldn't get it.

Moustache May 2009

Slightly dramatic, and short lived, server woes weren't enough to hinder yet another all out mindblowing showcase of stache celebration. Highlights include: everything.

Moustache May 2008

The moustache reigns supreme. The awkwardness and social stigma has been evaporated. Legitimacy has been established in all its forms. The 2008 celebration took the moustache to levels it had never experienced before.

Whiskerino 2007 - 2008

An overwhelming onslaught of competitive hair growth. Over 200 successfull competitors make it through the four month gauntlet. While the experience continues to defy words the sheer numbers take things to an entirely different level. Whiskerino is officially a beast with its own momentum.

Moustache May 2007

The moustache takes its place upon the throne of Full Regality. There is no denying it anymore; irony is completely out the window and moustached glory is legitimized once again.

Moustache May 2006

The awkwardness of having a moustache was definitely waning this year. We saw more people embrace the ‘stache than ever. The creativity of participants photos almost outshined the moustaches themselves!

Whiskerino 2005 - 2006

An unprecedented turnout for competitive beard growing. A new standard is set.

Moustache May 2005

Riding the success and carrying on the tradition of the previous year, Moustache May becomes an annual event.

Moustache May 2004

After BC2K3 there was a deep void in the lives of participants, so to fill it they decided on a month-long no-holds barred moustache celebration.

Beard Contest 2003

The one that started it all. Beard Contest 2003 (or BC2K3 for short) was an inter- continental contest that lasted for 4 1/2 months ending with a beard "throwdown" celebration. Contestants made lifelong friends and found themselves in the process.

Superflous bar graph now in its fourth year!
Results still untainted by time.