Participation is the name of the game, and also these rules...

You Moustache May:

  1. Have / Grow a glorious moustache
  2. Post one image per day1,2
  3. Participate in frequent shenanigans

You Moustache MayNot:

  1. Go more than one week without posting.
  2. Detract from your moustache with other overly prominent facial hair.3
  3. Be mean spirited, vulgar, or socially inappropriate.4
  4. Photoshop your images5. Let’s keep it classy.

Additional Clarification:

  1. Images must be in 4x3 horizontal ratio. If this makes no sense to you it's probably not a concern. Regardless, only upload horizontal images.
  2. Participation is the key to success here at Moustache May. There are acceptable excuses for not posting but neglect the site too long (say, 3 days) and you'll end up in the Hall of Shame.
  3. Let's be clear - this is Moustache May. No beards. No goatees. There will be debate over "safety hair" but be sensible; if your moustache is overshadowed by some other facial hair attribute, you are doing it wrong.
  4. This is very easy to follow: No Drama.
  5. Color correction, brightness-contrast adjustments, and cropping are all acceptable. No Photoshop Filters or Photo Booth Effects! No added clipart or graphics to images. Make things in a traditional, crafty manner - no digital additions! Curator's decison on over doing it is final word - them's the breaks.

Seldomly Asked Questions:

Can I suggest a theme day?
Sure, email Mackle at: michael [at] yewknee [dot] com
Do I have to follow theme days?
No but it is certainly more fun for everyone if you do.
Will having a moustache make me more popular with the ladies?
How do I get to be “Moustache Mayor”?
Get the highest vote rating for a day (along with some other super secret math formulas based on your participation).
Can I be “Moustache Mayor” multiple times?
I dunno, can you?
Ugh, MAY I?
Yes, you may.
I’m a Girl. Can I participate?
Moustache May is proud to allow all genders to participate, but remember you must have a moustache, and photoshopping is not allowed. So, if you are a girl and can grow a moustache, by all means, that is something the world needs to see!
What if I wear some sort of weird prosthetic/handmade moustache 24/7, THEN could I participate?
Um, yes, I guess, but we'd need hard proof that you are wearing it round the clock. We don’t take our moustaches off, so you can’t either.