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Moustache May 2011. Here before you know it.

Stache Bash & Theme Schedule 2

posted: May 23rd, 2010
Stache Bash

First and foremost: great job. As to be expected, Moustache May is doing a phenomenal job of celebrating the moustache. You are all to be thanked and congratulated for your fine work.

Secondly, please take note of the Stache Bash information below. It's May 29th, 2010 in Nashville, TN at the Mercy Lounge. Details can be be found here. You really should make some serious effort to attend.

Lastly, here's the theme schedule for the remainder of Moustache May. Lets finish this up the same way we started it, incredibly strong.

Tuesday, May 25th - Frame It Up
While open to a bit of interpretation, be creative and "frame" your photo in a curious way. Either an actual photo frame in the foreground or maybe a bit of architecture to bring the photo together.

Wednesday, May 26th - Historic Stache
Recreate a famous historical stache OR create a whole new image that will make history (keep it Family Friendly™)

Thursday, May 27th - Self Portrait
Yea, we take self portraits every day of the month throughout Moustache May but think of this challenge as the most pure representation of yourself. Check some examples to get a feel for this request. How can you best represent you through your own self portrait?

Friday, May 28th - Clamebute
Recreate another Moustache May participants photo as faithfully as you can. Feel free to dive into the archives if you please.

Saturday, May 29th - Stache Bash
Come to the official bash or throw your own party in massive celebration of the stache.

Sunday, May 30th - A Day of Rest
Recoup and recover from your proper partying the night before.

Monday, May 31st - Goodbye
This is it. Say your goodbyes until we meet again next year.

Stache Bash Details

posted: May 19th, 2010
Stache Bash

People have been asking if there will be a Stache Bash this year. The answer is: Of Course! Here are the details:

Saturday, May 29th
Mercy Lounge
Nashville, TN

Expect performances from:
Roy Ira
Uncle Skeleton

And, as an added bonus, we'll be taking part of your entry fee and donating it to the YWCA.. think of it as a way to have Moustaches Against Domestic Violence.

See you on the 29th. At least, I better.

Theme Schedule 1

posted: May 6th, 2010
Moustache on a Burrito

If you're new to these lands please keep in mind that themes are entirely optional. If you have a series of ideas or photos you want to post, please do so! Themes are here to give people an idea and have the community play off each other but you will not be condemned for not participating in them. They are ideas, have fun with them!

Friday, May 7th - Formal Friday
We do this every time! Dress that stache up and so how regal the stache can really be. If you can top this you're doing it right.

Monday, May 10th - Caption Fodder
Take an image worthy of a thousand captions and let the community give it their best shot!

Tuesday, May 11th - Taco Tuesday
Yes, we are going to absolutely run this Taco thing into the ground until it is nowhere near amusing or fun anymore. So go eat a taco.

Wednesday, May 12th - The Past
Find a photo or relic from your past and share it with the masses. Can be moustache related or not.

Thursday, May 13th - The Present
Show off something you're currently working on or recently created. If you got nothing, make something!

Friday, May 14th - The Future
Share something about your own personal future OR what you wish the future would hold.

Saturday, May 15th - Pizza Party
Did you know today is National Pizza Party day? Let's celebrate by having another food themed day, Pizza Time!

Monday, May 17th - Like A Movie
Setup a cinematic shot straight outta the movies. You don't have to be making reference to an actual movie, just something well framed and epic as if it were a movie still.

Tuesday, May 18th - Monochrome
Pick a color, any color, and make your photo as close to that as possible. Think of it like Black and White but with a single color of your choice.

Wednesday, May 19th - Personify Your Stache
Take a pic of your stache in its natural environment. While this is open to a bit of interpretation think of it this way - a Victorian stache would be having tea, a Western stache would be rounding up the horses, Horseshoe would be riding a harley and a DTM would be out back smoking behind the gym. It's all stereotypes but that should make sense. Right?

Thursday, May 20th - Office Shenanigans
Do something that might get you in trouble at work; while at work. Keep it family friendly but see if you can get some odd looks from co-workers.

Friday, May 21st - Photoshop Friday
Everyone's favorite theme day - go nuts with your Photoshop skills (or lack thereof) and create a digital masterpiece.

Another Moustache Sponsor?!

posted: May 5th, 2010
Moustache Wax

The sponsorships are pouring in! Moustaches are no longer treated as they were in the past, now we're getting love from all over the place.

Carstache has agreed to give away one stache of choice (in any color) for every Thursday winner during the month!

You can even find the ole Carstache lurking around if you look for it.

Another Sponsorship!

posted: May 4th, 2010
Moustache Wax

We are proud to announce that Man's Face Stuff - a quality moustache wax courtesy of MM alumni BiGTiME - will be given away on every Friday of the month to whomever wins Mayor!

That's three sponsorships we've got under our belts now. Celebrate by continuing to be completely awesome with your `stache.

Themes to be announced extremely soon.

Let It Begin

posted: May 1st, 2010
Moustache May

As if you didn't know, it's that time again! Moustache May 2010 officially commences on May 1st, 2010 at High Noon (Eastern Time).

It should be noted that the wonderful people at iBend have been gracious enough to bestow us with giveaways of their product every Monday this year. So, if you win Moustache Mayor on any Monday of this month, expect to hear from me so you can receive your free iBend!

We've also got a nice prize sponsorship from Walk In Love Clothing; who will be giving away a T-Shirt, some buttons or maybe one of their great posters for every Wednesday Mayor!

Theme days will be announced in no time so sit tight and check the news for those ASAP.