Economic Slumps mean nothing to Moustache Spending

2011 Goods:

Moustache Marshmallow

Three pack of delicious marshmallows courtesy of Wondermade (and family). Lotsa fluff, loads of flavor.


Captain Fawcett's Wax

Though I've never used it personally the testimonials on this Moustache Wax are through the roof. Used by members of the official Beard and Moustache Competitors.


Is It May Yet? Lino Print

Straight outta the gate we've got crafts being created and peddled. Grab this unique lino print to remind yourself of life's most important question.. Is It May Yet?


Moustache Socks

Socks are awesome. Moustaches are awesome. So, Moustache Socks are, obviously, beyond comprehension when it comes to awesome. Check the Alt Style while you're at it.


From the Archives:

Moustache Man 7"

Two songs, one handy piece of vinyl. "Moustache Man" comes courtesy of Cody!, "Caterpillar" is courtesy of Stacheford. You can get it digitally but why not on wax?


Moustache May 2010 Tee

Designed for the 2010 Moustache May celebration these arrived a little late for their own good. Fortunately there's still a few left in stock. Black or Pink, you pick.


Moustache May Poster

Sprung from the mind of Hot Hands this official Moustache May poster celebrates the closing event. Get yours quick! Limited Edition of 30. 8.5" x 20"


Moustache May Tee 2

Created by our very own Hot Hands this tee features a Moustache May crest. Available in Black or Fatigue Green, both printed with offwhite discharge ink.


Extra Goodies:

Moustache May Desktop

Moustache pattern by Travis Squidfingers and logo by Daniel Box! Free for all!

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What's A Bazaar?

noun · a shop where a variety of goods are sold

Can I Sell Something?

Absolutely! Make anything you think others may want to buy and then send Michael several pictures of the product as well as your PayPal ID so people can transfer money to you.

Why can't I just 'Add To Cart'?

Think of it like a flea market - if you found 10 things from 10 different people that you wanted to buy, you'd still have to pay each one individually. The same concept applies here.

I paid for something, now where is it?!

Go back to your original receipt and find where you sent money to. Contact that person / company and find out why they haven't mailed out your goods. Each vendor is responsible for mailing you their product, so if you don't trust someone - don't pay them money.