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  • May 26 @ 1:30pm
It is with great sadness that I either move from team Swanson to team dtm, or become hopelessly shamed. I expect the latter.

I enjoyed my time here but unlike whiskerino, I have not had time enough to commit to mm properly. I'm in the middle of a job and my sister convinced me to lose the stache. It hurt more than I expected to cut it off but I dont regret it. You all deserve more than I can give.

I did mm after being inspired by mackle to not be owned by my facial hair and it is in that same spirit that I lopped the stache off, As much as i grew to love it.

On a positive note, even without facial hair of any kind, I am starting to feel like a normal human being again. jmathias knows what I mean on that one.


jnonfiction says:
Posted: May 26th, 2011 - 1:34pm -
Hodges says:
What happened?
Posted: May 26th, 2011 - 1:35pm -
hale says:
Posted: May 26th, 2011 - 1:37pm -
The Straub says:
but ... but I ... um ... but
Posted: May 26th, 2011 - 1:37pm -
andy says:
Only 5 days to go!
Posted: May 26th, 2011 - 1:37pm -
revgoomba says:
Posted: May 26th, 2011 - 1:38pm -
jnonfiction says:
Now that your caption changed, my comment seems brusque at best. I'm sincerely sorry to see you go.
Posted: May 26th, 2011 - 1:39pm -
jnonfiction says:
Plus, who am I to talk?
Posted: May 26th, 2011 - 1:39pm -
hale says:
no worries man. you're awesome with or wothout a moustache.
Posted: May 26th, 2011 - 1:39pm -
mooka says:
yeah-yeah, no worries CaryNorton
Posted: May 26th, 2011 - 1:41pm -
andy says:
Yep. What hale said. Do what you gotta do.
Posted: May 26th, 2011 - 1:41pm -
carynorton says:
@jnonfiction fact. And its terse nature isn't undue, no matter when you made the comment.

Hodges updated caption. It was a tough choice.

hale wut indeed. And thanks!

thestraub fully concur

Andy sigh. I know.

Posted: May 26th, 2011 - 1:43pm -
Hodges says:
I understand, we all have to do what we have to do. It has been a pleasure having ya participate!
Posted: May 26th, 2011 - 1:46pm -
carynorton says:
Clame for a shot of me looking slightly more like a normal person.
Posted: May 26th, 2011 - 1:47pm -
chadmcclarnon sheds single tear...then high-fives carynorton...then cries in a corner...
Posted: May 26th, 2011 - 1:47pm -
Capn J says:
Sorry man - hate to see ya go
Posted: May 26th, 2011 - 1:53pm -
revgoomba says:
Posted: May 26th, 2011 - 1:58pm -
Grower&Shower says:
I think there's room on Team DTM.

Damn well better be....
Posted: May 26th, 2011 - 2:05pm -
Mackle says:
you should just tell people you wanted to experience it all - the moustache, the shaving, the shaming, etc.

no harm, no foul. we all wish you nothin but the best Cary.

Oh, and I commend you 10,000% on owning your facial hair. Never let it be the other way around.
Posted: May 26th, 2011 - 2:07pm -
Easy Rider says:
Better to have grown and shown that to live a shorn life!
Posted: May 26th, 2011 - 2:47pm -
revgoomba says:
Posted: May 26th, 2011 - 3:11pm -
MoustacheofDeath says:
Hope you enjoyed the moustache ride.
Posted: May 26th, 2011 - 3:28pm -
ThatGuy says:
Sorry to see you go man, you're a great photographer without a doubt. Congratulations on the feeling better as well. You look healthier and happier. Very well done.
Posted: May 26th, 2011 - 4:04pm -
KimJongIllness says:
So hurt. So much pain.

Still... If things are going well for you, that's more important. Congrats on Whatever the heck that is!
Posted: May 26th, 2011 - 4:04pm -
The Hammer says:
The person behind the stache is what really counts...
Posted: May 26th, 2011 - 4:10pm -
Ned Kelly says:
Tis a great pity but not to worry… i must say that i keep an eye on you blog regularly, and that i love your shots - the simple black and white portraits especially are just fantastic - but generally its becoming a huge influence on me-
Posted: May 27th, 2011 - 6:16am -
Mackle says:
you know i have to shame you, right?
Posted: May 27th, 2011 - 9:57am -
carynorton says:
Too many to reply to on an iPad.

mackle yes indeed. Shame away. I was just trying to squeak in parting comments / chats as my tiny mustachioed ship slinks slowly in the sea. I totally just wanted the full experience. Yeah that's it. Hadn't been shamed before. Yeah. Was just going for the new life experience. I wish I could make it to the stache bash.

Have a blash
Posted: May 27th, 2011 - 11:13am -
carynorton says:
Dammit. I hit say it. I was trying to say blash / blast* or something semi funny.
Posted: May 27th, 2011 - 11:13am -
revgoomba says:
C A R Y ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Posted: May 27th, 2011 - 5:23pm -
Boaz says:
no shame for you Cary. IT's been a fabulous ride. Hope to see you around again!
Posted: May 31st, 2011 - 10:06pm -
justjamey says:
It looks like mackle may not shame you after all. Either way, you're a fine gentleman. I hope to hoist pints with you in the next year or two. Let's make it happen.
Posted: May 31st, 2011 - 11:33pm -
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