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  • May 31 @ 7:11am
Last one or not, that's another Moustache May in the books. It was, like everything else I've shared with you folks, a lot of fun.

Many thanks to Mackle, without whom I'd never have met some really awesome folks. You did an incredible thing with both Whiskerino and Moustache May, and I keep hoping that this isn't really the end of either - just a nice hiatus. Either way, both of these groups have been a rewarding, fun, and memorable experience in my life.

To the folks I met, either for the first time or once again, in Nashville, chadmcclarnon, hodges, Shatrick, miguelito & aliciarosie, kimmie, Pip & MrsPip, CDub, Robfrenzy, justjamey, Ozzy: it was great to meet and talk to you guys (and your gals). It's a shame I wasn't there longer (or more sober), because you were pretty cool dudes and dudettes. There's always the future, and Nashville ain't far.

And thanks, of course, to @heder. She puts up with a lot for me, and I love her like crazytimes.

It was great sharing this month with all of you. 'til next time. Keep in touch:

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Hodges says:
Man I had a blast with you guys at the bash! I am so glad I got to meet you. Hope we get the opportunity to do it in the future. You will definitely be missed. And I love your facial expression in our pic with migs!
Posted: May 31st, 2011 - 7:16am -
The Straub says:
Don't you dare wave goodbye to me! I'll be seeing you around whether you like it or not. You've had some great shots this month and it was so awesome hanging out last weekend. Until next time ... ... like a week or something
Posted: May 31st, 2011 - 7:17am -
Aliciarosie says:
it was great meeting you! Best wishes to you and your lovely lady.
Posted: May 31st, 2011 - 7:19am -
Robfrenzy says:
Just as you mentioned at the Stache Bash, we met first at the Throwdown and it was epic. You're an awesome guy and I hope we can hang out again someday.
Posted: May 31st, 2011 - 7:20am -
brokenchopstick says:
This may or may not be the end. But if it is, it's been a pleasure! My thanks to you!
Posted: May 31st, 2011 - 7:22am -
The Hammer says:
Best wishes it was too much fun!
Posted: May 31st, 2011 - 7:26am -
revgoomba says:
The coolest couple in the Mexico!
Posted: May 31st, 2011 - 7:31am -
andy says:
It's been a pleasure! Sorry we didn't get a chance to talk at the Bash. So many moustaches, so little time. Adios!
Posted: May 31st, 2011 - 7:33am -
mooka says:
Nice way to close it out chinesewildman. Thank you.
Posted: May 31st, 2011 - 7:47am -
miguelito says:
thanks for crashing here, and hanging out. it was a blast indeed. we'll have to coordinate some more gatherings. and as i told thestraub, when aliciarosie and i mosey on down to ATL, we'll be in touch.

get your jello shots ready.
Posted: May 31st, 2011 - 7:48am -
Ozzy Nelson says:
It was a pleasure meeting you. You have done this community proud.
Posted: May 31st, 2011 - 8:21am -
Pip says:
Meeting you was definitely a highlight of the weekend. I'm sure that this isn't goodbye for good, just for now.

Take care; I'll see you around.
Posted: May 31st, 2011 - 8:23am -
miguelito says:
um... when did Mackle pop into your photo?? hahaha

also, sharkfin pancakewich
Posted: May 31st, 2011 - 8:55am -
yourfavorite says:
Looks awesome!
Posted: May 31st, 2011 - 9:03am -
derble says:
the mackle in this made me LOL so hard
Posted: May 31st, 2011 - 9:57am -
Mackle says:
I had a blast at the Bash.. it was great to see you again. Tell Courtney Burton hello for me and make sure you hit me up anytime you're in the Nashville area. I'll be doing the same whenever I'm in your zone.

Take care sir. You're one of the good ones.
Posted: May 31st, 2011 - 10:10am -
Chinese Wildman says:
@Mackle Aha! You remembered her name!
Posted: May 31st, 2011 - 10:35am -
johnatcollege says:
Sorry I wasn't around much but I'm sure I catch you on Facebook.
Posted: May 31st, 2011 - 2:14pm -
Dannz says:
Will miss you ! Adding you on twitter.
Posted: May 31st, 2011 - 2:25pm -
Vanbert says:
take care buddy. keep rockin' that awesome stache. you and the lady are ADORABLE!
Posted: May 31st, 2011 - 3:06pm -
Finn MacCool says:
I'll take this as a friendly hello wave. See you guys soon.
Posted: May 31st, 2011 - 4:31pm -
Heder, Dutchess of Stache says:
I love you like crazytimes too! It's sad to see this end, I've loved watching you make new friends and have so much fun with it. I really hope there will be reunion Throwdowns and Stache Bashes every so often, what a fantastic group of people! I'm especially happy to have met thestraub, Lady Straub, hiimterry, finmaccool, ferociouscupcake, revgoomba, cdub, and more! Thanks so much mackle, you're the best!
Posted: May 31st, 2011 - 5:03pm -
Lurky Parka says:
Keep the taco cheese out of your beard, and your Mom's beard too.

Seriously though, be well!

Posted: May 31st, 2011 - 5:07pm -
specialshoes says:
nice meeting you a few times over the last few years. I wish I had spent more time in Atlanta the last few years with you, TheStraub, cdub, brandon, and others. My time in Georgia is done, but you guys are always welcome in the mid-Atlantic.

Until next time.
Posted: May 31st, 2011 - 7:08pm -
yourfavorite says:
Dear fellow atlantan, we know many of the same people yet I never seem to run into you. I'm glad I got to see you on hear these past couple years though. Keep up the awesome facial hair and hopefully we'll see each other around town.

Also mackle looks awesome in your photo today.
Posted: May 31st, 2011 - 8:25pm -
sMOUSTACHErman says:
Posted: May 31st, 2011 - 9:13pm -
wondermade says:
Rule: Don't come to Florida again without giving me a heads up.
Hope you guys have a great start to the summer.
Posted: May 31st, 2011 - 9:34pm -
justjamey says:
It is an honor to know you. It is an honor to be listed among folks you've met for the better. And I hope to have the honor of hoisting pintS with you in the future. Don't travel without checking my facebook page to see where I am. ;)

All the best to you, my friend!
Posted: May 31st, 2011 - 10:18pm -
alijoon says:
You are wild. It's so sad I couldn't come to the bash and meet everyone.
Posted: Jun 1st, 2011 - 12:28am -
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