It's like having a little pet for your face.

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  • May 26 @ 10:03pm

I'm all about "walking the Dog"


Chief Mcstache says:
Its probably all gone by now!
Posted: May 26th, 2011 - 10:05pm -
Klickastache says:
Just finished it. One more in the fridge...funny thing is, I have more beer at my friend's house than he does. Cheif Mcstache, Probably won't get a chance to thank you for your service this Memorial Day weekend. You're the man!
Posted: May 26th, 2011 - 10:06pm -
Hodges says:
The dog, yes!!!
Posted: May 26th, 2011 - 10:06pm -
Mackle says:
@SirKevin would certainly cheers your cheers!
Posted: May 26th, 2011 - 10:07pm -
Klickastache says:
@Mackle, gotta give the guns a break, There will be plenty of this weekend. Going to a Military Simulation event with some REAL American heroes. Photos to follow. Cheers!
Posted: May 26th, 2011 - 10:09pm -
Binkleberry says:
Lookin' good.
Posted: May 26th, 2011 - 10:11pm -
miguelito says:
heh. i remember this convo
Posted: May 26th, 2011 - 10:15pm -
MickeyCosmos says:
@miguelito, not sure that I took part in the convo but I definitely remember seeing it on the feed. "walking the dog" is certainly a gem I"ll be sure to remember. Klickastache, I love the way this picture looks, solarized or something...whatever it is, nice.
Posted: May 26th, 2011 - 11:17pm -
SirKevin says:
Cheers Klickastache !
Posted: May 27th, 2011 - 12:37am -
malphrus says:
also, found you clame for your possible pipe collecting.
Posted: May 27th, 2011 - 6:56am -
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