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posted: May 15th, 2011

As expected, we're racing along swimmingly through this celebration of the moustache. Photos are continuously impressive, creative and hilarious. Oh, and a few people have had some momentous occasions to share with us! Incredible!

I've got a few items of business to tend to.. so let's get to it:

I. Mid-May Moustache Bash - for those of us in Nashville, Andy has been kind enough to organize a mini-bash this Wednesday, the 18th, over at The Edgefield. The party gets going at 8pm and goes until the last man standing.

II. Brother's Love Giveaway - despite their noted absence this year, Herr Neas and MattyC want to give back.. with Brother's Love Moustache Wax. I have sixteen tubes of it to mail out. Post a photo pleading to win and I'll contact you to get it out there.

III. Theme Schedule Part 2 - as always, themes are optional but it sure is more fun when everyone plays along.

Tues, May 17th - Music
We all have taste of some sort.. so share some of your musical taste. Fill us in on your favorite record, recreate an album cover, do something way off the grid - as long as it pertains to music.

Wed, May 18th - Wide Format
We've celebrated the new tall and square formats of this years site.. why not embrace the ultra wide as well. Sure, it could end up making your photo look super tiny on the detail view but it might also be hilarious.

Thur, May 19th - Sitting Portrait
Granted, every day is portrait day here at Moustache May but take some inspiration from the likes of Chad and create some classic. Or absurd. Or absurdly classic.

Fri, May 20th - Know Your Meme
A few of you have gone this route already but lets take it to the next level. Pay tribute to your favorite Internet Meme. Photoshopping allowed where appropriate but practical, physical, recreation is always great too.

Sun, May 22nd - Share Your Weekend
What exactly is it that you do on the weekend? That is, other than browse Moustache May frantically.

Mon, May 23rd - Caption Fodder
A classic game we play here at Moustache May; take a photo to inspire a thousand comments (keep it classy).

Tues, May 24th - Public Stache
Get off the internet and take your photo amongst the people.

Wed, May 25th - Monochrome
Consisting of or displaying images in black and white or in varying tones of only one color.

Thur, May 26th - Current Clamebute
Find any photo from this years 2011 Moustache May celebration and recreate it as best you can!

Fri, May 27th - STACHE BASH
It's party time. The event at Mercy Lounge starts at 9pm but lets go ahead and take the entirety of the day to celebrate.

Mon, May 30th - All Time Clamebute
Find any image, from any Moustache May and pay tribute to it. Anyone that can recreate this wins super extra credit.

Tues, May 31st - Goodbye
It may be bitter sweet but this is the end my friends. It's been a long, incredible, road. Time to say farewell.

Keep checking back here as I may plug in some extra themes for those days that are currently missing!

Theme Schedule 1

posted: May 5th, 2011

If my calculations are correct we are off to a smashing start. Over a thousand images and quickly approaching on 25k comments. Impressive to say the least.

Everyone is doing great. Please make sure to keep your photo filter / image manipulation to a minimum. I'm seeing a heavy bending of the Photoshop rule from time to time - this site should push you creatively with the camera, not with the pixel paintbrush.

Here is the first theme schedule. Remember these themes are optional but it sure is fun when everyone plays along.

Fri, May 6th - Formal Friday
Everyone looks better when they dress it up a little bit. Get your best duds together.

Sat, May 7th - Outdoors
It's the weekend. Get outside.

Mon, May 9th - Foreground
You've seen Hungarian Moustache do it. You've seen Justie Just do it. Make something intriguing the foreground of your image and keep yourself blurred in the background.

Tues, May 10th - Space or Tacos
In celebration of the NASA Endeavour launch pay tribute to Space. You're free to play with multiple meanings of the word. If that's not your thing, eat a taco.

Wed, May 11th - Square
Let's celebrate the fact that we can now upload photos in the square format.

Thurs, May 12th - Vertical
Now, let's celebrate the fact that we can share vertical photos.. some call them "Portrait" orientation but I know you guys will push it beyond that.

Fri, May 13th - Photoshop Friday
As long as you keep it Safe For Work; you're welcome to go absolutely nuts in Photoshop today.

Sat, May 14th - Hide-A-Stache
It's a game of Hide and Seek. You hide, we seek.

That should hold you for a moment. Please drop me a line if you have a great theme idea.

Game On!

posted: May 1st, 2011

Greetings all Moustache enthusiasts. If you're new to these parts, have a look around and consider signing up to show off your glorious moustache. If you're alumni, you know the deal - get your foot in the door before it's too late!

As some of you may have heard, this is the final edition of Moustache May — so let's make it the best yet. Things are a tiny bit different this go around (better I'd say), so keep an eye out for a few new features. On the whole, I fully expect an onslaught of mindblowing creativity, ridiculous socialization and positive energy throughout.

If you have a theme you insist on making it to the calendar this month, let me know and I'll do my best to work it in.

There's no official Fund-A-Stache side competition so if you're growing for charity, you'll need to set it up yourself with an organization like First Giving.

Lastly, mark your calendars for Friday, May 27th in Nashville, TN for the 2011 Stache Bash. I promise it will be a good one.

Happy Moustaching!