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Moustache May 2011 Stats

As with any statistical take on an event driven by socialization and creativity, it is impossible to show the true heart of the experience entirely with numbers. That being said, these results do not fully reflect what was Moustache May 2011; this is mearly the numbers rundown based on user usage.

May 1st, 2011 - May 31st, 2011

Total Days: 31

Total Images: 6,684

Total Comments: 94,425

Sign-Ups: 305

Shameree's: 71

Final Users: 397

20 Random Comment Clames

miguelito commented on MrsPip:
which is dope, dawg

Chalkdog commented on tepejm:
So great. You got that clamebute just right.
jbarr commented on Hungarian Moustache:
your original images are better than a clamebute.
jmathias commented on brandon:
@yourfavorite thank you, I appreciate the explanation and clame.
justjamey commented on justjamey:
CLAME for an example of a beardsneak. This is a stachesneak.
cc: hodges eddiefonza5450
C Dub commented on PA Jakey:
I'm with easyrider DADbutes are tops. clame
pidge commented on pidge:
@PAJakey CLAME for location.
Hodges commented on Chalkdog:
you sir are a genius and you are right about clamebuting such a good guy!
Chief Mcstache commented on jbarr:
Remember the Huey door gunner in the movie forrest gump? Who intimidated Forrest and Bubba with a single backward glance. Manning a belt fed 7.62mm M60 machine gun while sporting an impressive handlebar moustache rocking out to CCR Fortunate Son. CLAME
RyRy commented on mandy:
Your dog looks really similar to my brother's dog, Dusty. CLAME
Shatrick commented on andy:
Buckets of fun!

theAwesomebot commented on theAwesomebot:
Okay. It was 3. CLAME.
lactarded commented on juanzo:
@juanzo It's okay, I've never been either.

Art Pad SF looks much better though. And cheaper. CLAME.
Senator Johnson commented on Senator Johnson:
CLAME for an appearane on French TV from the '98-'01 lineup that I first saw live. Yes, their amps are supercomputers!
Mackle commented on hale:
Vanbert commented on Vanbert:
@slor ahaah, he had a dog too. CLAME
hale commented on Zea:
this is a break from my narrative above, as you are now Otis. clame for footage of your encounter with the fox.

bunnies are easily frightened. do not fret over it.
Lusty Razor commented on Gigstache:
CLAME for another good James Hetfield comparison. Shablazm Gigstache
jamiemyselfandi commented on Teej:
CLAME for where I got them.
yourfavorite commented on etcvisitor:
for tomorrow, clame

20 Random Chat Clames

lurkin good says:
@lurky, did you clame the wrong link?
Posted: 4:42pm
Mackle says:
@thatguy, clame
Posted: 3:07pm
zackle says:
man nip (clame it)
Posted: 9:53pm
Chuck Damage says:
Posted: 5:57pm
wondermade says:
Wife just made brownies, I just posted blueberry marshmallows to Etsy. Clame.

Chocolate moustache-shaped mallows will be listed tomorrow.
Posted: 8:28pm
Shatrick says:
clame 2
Posted: 4:43pm
Dschonn says:
Clame for what to wear on a cruise in the 30s
Posted: 12:39am
miss_tache says:
ooooo it worked. CLAME MCCLAMERSON.
Posted: 7:04pm
mr m says:
Does Sir Mix a Lot rap about the Queen's tea and biscuits? Clame. he was obviously knighted because he is a sir.
Posted: 2:50pm
Andrew says:
clame IV
Posted: 8:35am
Hodges says:
yeah that was much better than mine titaness

Posted: 10:55pm
Mackle says:
@jnonfiction, who was clamebuted the most today? was it nedkelly ?
Posted: 9:57pm
Eric says:
Posted: 3:02pm
Hodges says:
Posted: 11:57am
gunsmoke says:
clame it.
Posted: 11:29am
Paulie says:
@miss_tache just for you, purple stache CLAME
Posted: 12:20am
Chief Mcstache says:
CLAME Medal of Honor recipient Lewis Millett
Posted: 11:07am
Andrew says:
clame once more
Posted: 1:52pm
Trenastystache says:
Oh and also, CLAME. Be careful what you ask for.
Posted: 7:11am
Binkleberry says:
He's actually an alum from years past CLAME
Posted: 11:15am