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Moustache May 2011 Stats

As with any statistical take on an event driven by socialization and creativity, it is impossible to show the true heart of the experience entirely with numbers. That being said, these results do not fully reflect what was Moustache May 2011; this is mearly the numbers rundown based on user usage.

May 1st, 2011 - May 31st, 2011

Total Days: 31

Total Images: 6,653

Total Comments: 94,425

Sign-Ups: 305

Shameree's: 71

Final Users: 399

20 Random Comment Clames

Vanbert commented on Twisted Sistare:
hey i have that same sign! CLAME.
Eric commented on Chalkdog:
"Damn good coffee! And HOT!"

Hodges commented on Shatrick:
Hey neighbor, that CLAME was excellent!
Zea commented on Zea:
jnonfiction commented on Mackle:
It's tough love.

BTW, love the stachetistics. But you need a "20 random hale/@zackle clames" widget.
Shatrick commented on Shatrick:
CLAME for video clip.
Paulie commented on Paulie:
Also CLAME for setup, this was a legit jnon.
keeperofthefort commented on keeperofthefort:
justjamey commented on Danimal:
You did it! Even my clamebute today just doesn't hold a candle to the real thing.
PA Jakey commented on Drewgon:

I'll throw you a meatball, you put it in the drink.
sMOUSTACHErman commented on ¡VivaBigote!:
I sent your clamebute from yesterday to banjofreak today, he was flattered.

Twas fun bro

miguelito commented on miguelito:
Also jeremy, sometimes alijoon and i are two halves of the same whole CLAME

cc rachel
Dok.Crush commented on teenagerobot:
OH. HECK. YES. Thank you, sir. I am honored to be clamebuted by the likes of you. If i could give you points, you would have all of them. If I could favorite you more than once, I would do that as well.
bec commented on TheStride:
clame - lurker clamebute?

Woody commented on Woody:
KimJongIllness commented on carynorton:
You have bees? We're going to have to re-enact Avedon's Beekeeper.

CLAME for those not familiar!
bec commented on bec:
@eric - We met in Traverse City, MI. He was in my margarita and it was love at first site. He called it a Sharkarita.

Clame for a close up.

Also, yes. :)
Chief Mcstache commented on Chief Mcstache:
CLAME for SHOT Show 2009
beefstew commented on aaron b:
Making me hungry with that clame shot.
williamwalrus commented on williamwalrus:
@Fofe I was at Black's Beach in San Diego, CA; I was smiling/laughing at the view. CLAME if you're unfamiliar.

20 Random Chat Clames

hale says:
i should just quit after this clame.
Posted: 5:05pm
kimmie says:
same here...just uploaded mine as well. CLAME to have your mind blown..or at least scrambled
Posted: 12:38pm
Lurky Parka says:
CLAME for Larky Parka and awesome riffage
Posted: 7:12pm
TheStride says:
i need a good clame
Posted: 9:42am
Mackle says:
Posted: 9:17am
Justie Just says:
Posted: 11:09am
Dschonn says:
Here's Blitzkrieg Bop. Clame.
Posted: 12:04am
Chuck Damage says:
I just thought of another one. Clame
Posted: 7:18pm
Andrew says:
oh, and clame.

Posted: 5:25pm
Lurky Parka says:
CLAME for the biggest video game scandal EVER

Make sure you WAIT.....
Posted: 4:14pm
wondermade says:
How about clame misstache? (Friend of my daughter found a trial makeup kit at our house and went to town while visiting yesterday.)
Posted: 6:13pm
miguelito says:
should i clamebute cartynorton? (i kinda wanna shave)
Posted: 2:05pm
miss_tache says:
Posted: 4:04pm
Andrew says:
Posted: 2:04pm
Chuck Damage says:
Clame. This is like something straight from my brain.
Posted: 11:46pm
Eric says:
I always feel weird about clamebuting
Posted: 10:39am
hale says:
clame again.
Posted: 11:18am
Chuck Damage says:
Posted: 10:02am
Eric says:
Clame for carrots
Posted: 8:09am
C Dub says:
Posted: 12:32am