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Moustache May 2011 Stats

As with any statistical take on an event driven by socialization and creativity, it is impossible to show the true heart of the experience entirely with numbers. That being said, these results do not fully reflect what was Moustache May 2011; this is mearly the numbers rundown based on user usage.

May 1st, 2011 - May 31st, 2011

Total Days: 31

Total Images: 6,684

Total Comments: 94,425

Sign-Ups: 305

Shameree's: 71

Final Users: 399

20 Random Comment Clames

andy commented on Capn J:
Totally forgot that you did that clamebute last year. Awesome!
revgoomba commented on revgoomba:
@thecontinuumtransfunctioner - sorry, it's not the oldest pub in Scotland (I was told it was... but I doubt this source (however it is the oldest in Uddingston). I lvoe this pub. We are sitting in one of three main areas of the pub. This was my first time in this area and loved the shitty TV, old puggy machine and jukebox type kiosk. The seats were old with faded vintage patterns. The walls were painted to disguise sandstone and rot.

The area I normally sit in is the main bar area where it is obvious just how old the building is... it even has a working log fire which is totally awesome. I mean, just CLAME for a photo of the outside. It's a totally great wee pub. I once had a brilliant lock-in there. Any pub that still does casual and regular lock-ins is a great pub in my book. Plus they serve Caley beer and great Scotch whisky.

Anyway, I get what you mean and I justify it with the fact that the photo really doesn't do it justice... AT ALL. Come and visit and I'll take you there; you'll fucking love it!
jclutch commented on yourfavorite:
This looks familiar! CLAME

Humanicorn always a win!
C Dub commented on Clever Chester:
Eric commented on malphrus:
Crap. Now clame.
Dschonn commented on Hope:
oh man. climbing trees within ten seconds is a challenge I have much experience with. Never done it in a skirt though. clame.
Vanbert commented on Hodges:
reminds me of CLAME
Slor commented on ElDuQue:
You sir are a wizard. CLAME
Shatrick commented on KimJongIllness:
@KimJongIllness Check this {clame} for my favorite photographer ever.
specialshoes commented on MrsPip:
It is an honor to be clamebuted by you. We had such a great time hanging with you and Pip on Friday. I hope that gets to happen more often in the future. Love you two!
Handle Baron commented on Handle Baron:
carynorton commented on jmathias:
unrelated: clame, sir, to see progress so far. not that you asked, but i feel you can appreciate. this represents april 10 - may 7 and 22+ pounds. just fyi. i'm excited.
Mr. Mystery commented on Mr. Mystery:
Shatrick commented on aaron b:
@aaronb In response to your comment on Mackle, {clame}.
TheStride commented on aaron b:
I don't know if we can be friends anymore. Clame
Dschonn commented on Lady Raymerian:
Polar fleece is where it's at.

Your clame reminded me of my clame.
jbarr commented on jbarr:
@elduque i already have all but the lounger

MoustacheofDeath commented on MickeyCosmos:
Ye GADS, it's a chadmcclarnon clamebute!
wondermade commented on catfish:
Tribal is poised for a comeback superpapa. Clame
titaness commented on titaness:

20 Random Chat Clames

miguelito says:
photoshop day #2 today?

you suck at photoshaps

Posted: 2:50pm
Chuck Damage says:
Posted: 4:08pm
gunsmoke says:
clame, too.
Posted: 11:34am
rnnbrwn says:
Clame to see what I did within hours of arriving in Nashville in 2006.
Posted: 3:14pm
hale says:
clame for immaturity
Posted: 10:21am
damnweather says:
images are scaled weird on CLAME
Posted: 4:55pm
Binkleberry says:
And I thought about using CLAME, but that wouldn't have worked either.
So there, misstache.
Posted: 3:56pm
hale says:
clame for sad/funny
Posted: 1:41pm
zackle says:
Posted: 9:07pm
Lady Raymerian says:
@AmandasAutopsies If that doesn't work, try this CLAME.
Posted: 9:25am
kimmie says:
ummmm binkleberry CLAME for facial hair awesomeness
Posted: 11:45am
jnonfiction says:
(most clamebutes, eavesdroppers)
Posted: 5:30am
Boaz says:
lurkyparka ok, good to know. u should join the 615 jobs list CLAME it's an offset of the b-list. Lots of designers and web pros and a few photogs around the area
Posted: 12:19pm
miss_tache says:
@Treynastystache - perhaps he can help us find her. [clame]
Posted: 9:03pm
PAT says:
Finally got my pic up today folks! CLAME!
Posted: 7:09pm
Chuck Damage says:
Posted: 2:42am
miguelito says:
@binkleberry clame for zackle sketch
Posted: 10:01pm
andy says:
@grapes - Did you see my clame earlier?
Posted: 9:25am
justjamey says:
Dear Staches,
A year ago today, one of our bearded Whiskerino brethren succumbed to cancer. May baldbeard's memory be eternal.
With love,
Just Jamey
Posted: 3:04pm
Chuck Damage says:
Posted: 9:00pm