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Moustache May 2011 Stats

As with any statistical take on an event driven by socialization and creativity, it is impossible to show the true heart of the experience entirely with numbers. That being said, these results do not fully reflect what was Moustache May 2011; this is mearly the numbers rundown based on user usage.

May 1st, 2011 - May 31st, 2011

Total Days: 31

Total Images: 6,653

Total Comments: 94,425

Sign-Ups: 305

Shameree's: 71

Final Users: 399

20 Random Comment Clames

hale commented on Hope:
MoustacheofDeath commented on MickeyCosmos:
Ye GADS, it's a chadmcclarnon clamebute!
Savvystache commented on Les4:
CLAME for naps!!!
GrapeS commented on Benjamin:
carynorton commented on Robfrenzy:
Aliciarosie commented on Aliciarosie:
clame - burly 4 lyfe
Shatrick commented on Eric:
Justie Just commented on Twisted Sistare:
Thanz rob. It's cool how tgw metal lyrics are part of the clamebutes
chopsy commented on tepejm:
if I wrote that book, it would be the shortest book ever, and would resemble CLAME
snuffsmcshuggy commented on snuffsmcshuggy:
CLAME for other pic taken . . .
Lady Raymerian commented on Chalkdog:
next time you're flickring, check out CLAME
yourfavorite commented on Grower&Shower:
for tomorrow, clame
chadmcclarnon commented on Slor:
@jmathias CLAME
justjamey commented on Philiciousness:
DUDE, awesome! CLAME for a 5 day series I did goofing around in the waves on Oahu. It was a personal theme that went along with all of the site-wide themes. I linked it to someone, don't think it was you. Sorry if I linked it twice. ;)
chadmcclarnon commented on gunsmoke:
@slor has to see this. Great clamebute
Andrew commented on rachel:
YOWZA. Also I totally subbed your blog.

And I'm going to mail out that print of clame post-haste.

Ali seems to think you're a swell lady. Let's stay in touch.
carynorton commented on GrapeS:
Well that makes sense....you have NWA at every party.

brandon commented on brandon:
@mackle It wasn't accidental. I thought of that wonderful shot while I took it (and wore a similar hat/shirt) but couldn't get close enough framing/setting-wise to the original to call an actual Clamebute. :)
carynorton commented on carynorton:
Clame for picture of hive, for those interested.

hodges it is such a great shot

ace I feel like I don't do anything. Hahah I wonder what I look like from outside sometimes. Bees are fun

jmathias email me your address. When we actually extract I'll do it.

wondermade dude. Youd love it. Wonderbees. Do it.

nedkelly they aren't doing great but they are alive and kicking. People still aren't sure exactly what's happening. We have not wintered our bees yet so we have no idea I'd we are any good at this yet. We shall see.
SirKevin commented on SirKevin:

20 Random Chat Clames

Savvystache says:
Enjoyed you Gentlemen and Ladies this fine May will be missing you greatly! You have inspired much creativity over this month and have really helped me push my limits. Thanks you much, and I'll see ya again! OH! and remember to SMILE(clame)
Posted: 8:07pm
Lurky Parka says:
Hey theStraub, CLAME for Keanu ON a sandwich
Posted: 10:11am
CurlyMcGee says:
@alijoon also clame, pretty neat, but it doesn't really answer your question
Posted: 10:41pm
hale says:
oh man, clame
Posted: 2:55pm
Hodges says:
Yes wondermade that was a fantastic shot! hungarianmoustache never ceases to amaze me. I am also thinking of doing a clamebute from that year. I just don't know if I have the time to put it together.
Posted: 7:34pm
Andrew says:
damn these tumblr craps. clame this
Posted: 7:14pm
malphrus says:
yep yep, found out about a few other shops thru them and the youngjerks 50and50 project (clame)
Posted: 6:52pm
Shatrick says:
I know several of you have already seen this, but for those of you who haven't, I think we could all take a few pointers from this kid. clame
Posted: 2:59pm
Chuck Damage says:
Posted: 9:38pm
Lurky Parka says:
Self CLAME for life changing yumminess (you'll totally rethink the culinary applications of potatoes)
Posted: 11:48am
Shatrick says:
Posted: 11:31pm
Robfrenzy says:
if older ladies loving the stache is controversial, then yes. CLAME
Posted: 8:36am
Lurky Parka says:
One last blatant self CLAME for the night to promote a product I believe in. If you like ice cream, this could change your culinary life (and the way you view the uses of potatoes)
Posted: 7:05pm
Justie Just says:
clame. the canned laughter makes it.
Posted: 12:27pm
damnweather says:
It told me CLAME
Posted: 12:17pm
tepejm says:
here's a dog picture to make up for all the cats clame.
Posted: 5:20pm
hale says:
Posted: 3:48pm
chadmcclarnon says:
the guy has, since that talk, started a podcast that so far has been pretty great with a lot of similar information.

Posted: 12:39pm
hale says:
Posted: 1:38pm
hale says:
i think these may all be repeat clames.
Posted: 2:04pm