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Moustache May 2011 Stats

As with any statistical take on an event driven by socialization and creativity, it is impossible to show the true heart of the experience entirely with numbers. That being said, these results do not fully reflect what was Moustache May 2011; this is mearly the numbers rundown based on user usage.

May 1st, 2011 - May 31st, 2011

Total Days: 31

Total Images: 6,684

Total Comments: 94,425

Sign-Ups: 305

Shameree's: 71

Final Users: 399

20 Random Comment Clames

Eric commented on pseudonymous:
Slor commented on ElDuQue:
You sir are a wizard. CLAME
Eric commented on pilot:

gunsmoke commented on gunsmoke:
RyRy commented on theAwesomebot:
Hello, fellow PEZ-head!
I think I have all of those except the bride and groom. If I ever get married, I'm going to insist on them being on top of my cake.
CLAME for my King Beard from 2009...it shows everything I had at the time.
kimmie commented on yourfavorite:
looks like a mcPoyle CLAME
Fargus commented on Fargus:
miss_tache commented on Shatrick:
Clame for exceptional use of typewriter.
Mackle commented on Madrid:
also, clame
MoustacheofDeath commented on derble:
You've got the lock on the grids. It's a gridlock clamebute. Mega tops!
sMOUSTACHErman commented on sMOUSTACHErman:
CLAME for song that was used in a Reeses commercial a few years ago.
Shatrick commented on aaron b:
@aaronb In response to your comment on Mackle, {clame}.
Dschonn commented on juanzo:
Something about this picture makes it look like those are really big jungle plants and you are that giant statue from Jason and the Argonauts. Clame.
chaddo commented on chaddo:
mooka commented on mooka:
thanks for the clame dschonn. my want.
Christopheles commented on Christopheles:
For what Mr. Peanut is doing in New Orleans...

The Straub commented on hale:
You have always brought such awesomes to the site. Thank you for making it acceptable to have cats in photos. I attribute that to you and your alone for some reason. Just go with it. Thanks for your comments and clames and general presence. Take care and see you out there in innanet land
jnonfiction commented on Shatrick:
I love Bill Frisell's version (clame)
J Dub commented on Mackle:
Dude, I love this "ish". Thanks for everything Michael. CLAME.
Easy Rider commented on williamwalrus:
Nope. Clame

20 Random Chat Clames

Chinese Wildman says:
Shooting toenails. That and CLAME. Brazilians come from a hostile environment.
Posted: 7:47am
Eric says:
Posted: 9:19am
yourfavorite says:
Posted: 9:10am
C Dub says:
right now there are two sets of matching clamebutes side by side
Posted: 8:35am
Dok.Crush says:
you got a CLAME jar jar binks ?
Posted: 8:38pm
Andrew says:
clame again (that one's for hale)
Posted: 1:49pm
Mackle says:
Courage Wolf (the band) better be every bit as good as Red Fang or you're doing it wrong.

clame for best music video i've seen in a long time.
Posted: 10:11am
miss_tache says:
aha- you guys are talking about Mur-freesboro, Tekken! CLAME.
Posted: 9:06pm
wondermade says:
@miss_tache The missus and I have a small confectionary we're launching with another couple. Clame for newer etsy.
Posted: 11:13pm
chopsy says:
the "got something to say?" invitation for the chatbox always makes me think of the Misfits. Clame.
Posted: 3:48pm
Shatrick says:
I think these are the razors endorsed by Whiskerino clame
Posted: 11:53pm
miguelito says:
why has no one done CLAME yet
Posted: 3:07pm
Chuck Damage says:
Clame for sharks
Posted: 11:45pm
hale says:
clame for unsettling
Posted: 7:53pm
Andrew says:
clame for chuckles
Posted: 1:55pm
Shablazm says:
Senile cat talk! another clame! for hodges. :)
Posted: 9:56pm
Binkleberry says:
Posted: 12:03am
Hodges says:
This guy is so cool he makes it twice! Red mullet with jorts!

Posted: 1:02pm
wondermade says:
Also for reposted distraction, clame. (alert for thatguy.)
Posted: 11:31pm
chadmcclarnon says:
Posted: 9:29pm